Will COVID-19 be Beneficial for the Future of Zero-Touch Technology?

Will COVID-19 be Beneficial for the Future of Zero-Touch Technology?

The world was different before the COVID-19 situation. Stability was still holding grounds, and innovation wasn’t an urgency. Business, learning centers, research labs, etc had time on their hand to assess new methods before implementing them. But now the time has been snatched away from them, and they need to act quickly. One such technology that needs to innovate and expand its horizons is the zero-touch technology. A technology that has existed since the 20th century, but the widespread use of which was still not visible. But, let’s count our lucky stars because it seems like that is going to end.

With the concern of the coronavirus spreading through surfaces, the zero-touch technology has seen the tremendous potential for expansion. As business cannot stay shut forever, many sectors are developing technologies to put zero-touch technology in action. Corporate houses are replacing old doors with automatic sensor doors, banks are providing options to withdraw cash through mobile apps, replacement of locks to face recognition, and the use of augmented reality are only a few of the examples of zero-touch technology. The future of such technologies and more innovation in the field is highly likely considering the current scenario. Various sectors will incur relief with the implementation of such technologies and therefore, it looks like the future of zero-touch technology is rather bright.

Despite the fact that zero-touch technology is the need of the hour and that this industry will expand rapidly, there are still concerns about its use. Implementing such technologies might not be feasible for all forms of business due to the heavy cost involved in purchasing and maintenance. Another factor that can hinder its growth is the cultural and psychological acceptability of these technologies. People may also be reluctant to change their old ways of working, as they are comfortable with the same technology.

In conclusion, though zero-touch technology seems like the most ideal solution for most of our problems, it is highly unlikely that the world will adapt to the same in the near future. Having said that, as innovation in this industry increases there are chances that the price for such technologies will reduce which can finally provide the zero-touch technology the push it requires.

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