What Will Happen to Your Body if You Take an Expired Pill?

What Will Happen to Your Body if You Take an Expired Pill?

Healthcare professionals always warn us to never take an expired pill. Have you ever wondered why? As you know, allopathic medicines come with an expiry date after which their consumption must be discontinued. Although many people abide by this rule, some often forget to check the expiration date of a pill or are not aware of such a concept. Well, whatever the reason may be, it certainly puts their health on the line. In case you’ve wondered what will happen to your body if you take an expired pill, here’s your answer. Read on!

Why Does Every Medicine have an Expiration Date?

  • Before we dive deep into the after-effects of taking an expired pill, it’s important to understand why every medicine comes with an expiry date. Just like every food item has a ‘best before’ date, every prescription and non-prescription drug has an expiry date too. It is said that a drug is unsafe for consumption if you take it after the expiration date.
  • The reason behind it is that every drug is a formulation of certain ingredients. Just like every other ingredient, these ingredients have a shelf life too. After surpassing the shelf life, these ingredients aren’t beneficial to your body anymore.
  • Moreover, even if the pill looks good from the outside, the ingredients inside it might’ve been destroyed. The safety and efficacy of a drug depends on the shelf life of the ingredients. That’s why it’s advised to not consume an expired pill.

What Problems Will You Encounter if You Take an Expired Pill?

1. Health Problems:

Health problems

An expired pill can wreak havoc on your body. While some pills may be harmless, other expired pills can lead to symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, vomiting, restlessness, headache, sugar and blood pressure fluctuations, etc. These symptoms can further aggravate and lead to a serious disease. That’s why it’s best to stay away from any expired pill.

2. Formulation Changes:

Formulation changes

One of the major reasons behind labeling the expiration date of a drug is to conserve its efficacy. As you know, drugs are nothing but chemical formulations that can react effectively only for a certain amount of time. Therefore, after its expiration date, not only does a drug become unsafe to use but also ineffective due to chemical changes. Sometimes, you can even sense a foul smell or discoloration of the medicine to confirm whether it is expired or not.

3. You can Fall Prey to Drug Abuse:

Drug abuse

A lot of people especially teenagers can become addicted to consuming expired drugs. This can lead to serious problems such as brain damage, heart attack, and even death in severe cases. In fact, if you keep an expired pill at home, then they can land in the hands of children as well. This can be extremely harmful to their health if consumed. Therefore, it’s best to dispose of an expired pill as soon as you see one.

The moral of this blog is that you need to always check your medical box for an expired pill and throw it in the trash or flush it. This will prevent you and your family from consuming such drugs and becoming prey to health problems. Always listen to the advice of your healthcare provider and stick to the prescription. A tiny expired pill can do more harm than good and that’s why your health is in your hands.

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