Will You Turn Down Crores for Morals? 7 Celebs who Refused Ads Worth a Fortune!

Will You Turn Down Crores for Morals? 7 Celebs who Refused Ads Worth a Fortune!

Bollywood celebrities draw huge income from endorsements. Many national and international brands indulge in roping biggest actors with millions of fans as influencers for their product.

In fact, most of the Bollywood actors fetch lakhs of rupees for just one Instagram post. However, there are few celebrities that turned down most prominent ads and endorsements along with heftiest endorsement fees for the sake of morals. Take a look!

1. Akshay Kumar


In many interviews, Akshay Kumar has already stated that he believes in living a very healthy life. He is amongst few Bollywood stars that actually go to bed early and wake up before dawn. Akshay is also a non-drinker or smoker. Owing to this ideology, this megastar refused to be the brand ambassador to one of the biggest pan masala brands in India.

2. Amitabh Bachchan


The Shahenshah of Bollywood refused to endorse soft drinks when a little school girl asked him about it being healthy for her. Mr Bachchan was so moved that he immediately revoked his contract and urged the other stars to quit promoting anything unhealthy.

3. Sai Pallavi


This Tollywood sweetheart took no time to refuse a fairness cream endorsement worth more than 2 crores. As a reason, she stated that it would be irresponsible of her if she endorsed such products that could peddle low self-esteem in young women. She says that women should be comfortable in their own skin and there is no need for any fairness cream to be successful in life.

4. Aamir Khan


Aamir Khan is rarely seen in commercial ads now. The reason behind this is that the actor is very meticulous while choosing film scripts and products for endorsement. He makes sure that the brand resonates with his ideologies. Aamir usually picks up ads that have social and cultural importance. He believes that an actor should be a positive influence and must motivate the masses to do moral things.

5. John Abraham

jhonBeing a fitness fanatic, John completely abstains from anything that contains tobacco or alcohol. He has already instructed his managers to self-reject any offer that requires him to promote anything associated with these two.

6. Ranbir Kapoor


The Bollywood heartthrob refused fairness cream endorsement saying that such products do nothing but deepen racist stereotyping and reiterated that such products only strengthen racist stereotypes more than ever in the Indians.

7. Pullela Gopichand


At the peak of his career, the badminton star refused to endorse aerated drinks. The advertisement required him to say that having that particular drink could make one as swift and successful as Gopichand. He completely refused the office saying that he did not believe in the consumption of aerated drinks and it’s just hard work that can make one successful.

So if you believe that anyone and everyone would do just absolutely anything for a fat paycheck then these people just proved you wrong. The list is never ending and there are a lot more artists, industrialists, sports persons and even government officials who will not sell their morals just for making extra money.

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