Workout Motivation for Those Who Hate Exercising

Workout Motivation for Those Who Hate Exercising

“I hate working out, but I want a gym body like that model,” is something that we hear quite often people say. Those people who genuinely like working out sound “too good to be true,” and leave us wondering if we will ever be able to share the same level of workout motivation?

So before you think “oh great another workout tutorial sharing benefits of exercising, like we didn’t know already?!” we bring you “FUN” workouts that you will ACTUALLY like.

1. Start With A Plank…Kidding! Just Pick Up Heavy Things

Next time when someone says, do you even lift bro? Tell them hell yes! By simply just lifting and carrying heavy things can give your body the exercise it needs. The idea is not just to lift them, but carry them from one place to another.

This is as good as lifting heavyweights in the gym as this is an exercise at home that uses different movement patterns and muscles than lifting heavy.

2. Stroll Around In Your Local Market At Least Thrice Every Week

Workout Motivation for Those Who Hate Exercising

Love window shopping but get tired of moving around? It is one great way to exercise your entire body. While you’re enjoying the offerings being put up on show, you can make rounds of your local market/malls/complex markets, and actually get calories to burn (no you cannot stop for ice-cream every 10 minutes). Carry warm water or green tea with you, and sip it along the way.

3. Half-Hour Dancing Session

Workout Motivation for Those Who Hate Exercising

We all like it to work it! Some quite confidently, while others in their personal spaces; dancing is fun and a great exercise. We know you don’t want Zumba training or group dancing sessions; which is why you need to get your Spotify playlist in sync with some of the peppiest tracks (pop, R&B, deep house, whatever works for you!) and just dance your heart out for half an hour or more.

You can also learn new routines, which can not only make you fit but also get you impressive dance moves (feeling the workout motivation yet?)

4. Climb Steps

Workout Motivation for Those Who Hate Exercising

This might not sound too fun, but it is convenient, effective, and strengthens your legs while getting you the cardio workout you need. Try this

Make Five Rounds At A Time

  • Round 1 with very less effort and speed
  • Round 2 with better effort and speed
  • Round 3 with best effort and speed
  • Round 4 with reduced effort and speed. You’re going to be slower but the important thing is the effort, not speed.
  • Round 5 with less effort and speed.

Also, try to think of it as fun even if you have to force it, so your body remembers it as being a positive and fun exercise at home. The whole thing takes 10 minutes tops to complete. Start with doing 4 times a week, though it would be ideal to do it every day.

5. Kick-Boxing

Workout Motivation for Those Who Hate Exercising

An intense HIIT workout, kick-boxing does not even feel like work. Once you start doing it, you are so into the whole experience and strength it gives, that you will actually look forward to doing it, every day. Of course, you’ll break more than a sweat or two, but you will love it for making you a badass boxer. People say it is the coolest form of workout too.

6. Walking And Podcasting

Workout Motivation for Those Who Hate Exercising

There are motivational podcasts that are literally going to fire that fuel in you for a morning walking exercise/cardio workout. All you need to do is get your hearing gear in and listen to these podcasts while walking, along with strapping your fit-bits to evaluate progress. We assure you it is going to be easy as you’ll have masters supporting your each step through podcasts. That is the kind of workout motivation & training you will love!

These were some really great ways to work out without actually Working Out. No gym gears or swole feeling the next day, only workouts tuned to get you in shape and not feeling like a pain every day!

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