World’s Bizarre Sporting Events

Russian Slap Championship

It is true, that in Russia slapping someone is a true sporting event in which many participants come and try to knock each other out by their “Slaps” on each other’s face. Current Champion Vasily Kamotsky is major achiever and popularity given by this sport in his home country.

Lumberjack World Championship

Ever heard about an international competition of cutting trees?? You read that right!!!
Lumberjack World Championship is a legitimate thing where over 100 participants both male and female to participate in event which includes more than 21 events from chopping, sawing, climbing and what not. Whatever is included in Tree cutting and whatever things can be done is included in this competition to the ultimate champion of Lumberjacks around the globe.


As the name suggest, it is not at all the typical wrestling match that you must be thinking. You can say it the Russian version of “Tug of War” where 2 participants have to face each other, sit on the mat, put their legs on the board and the main objective is to pull the rod provided to them with such a power that the other person should leave it.

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