Spot 5 Planets in the Sky WITHOUT a Telescope

Spot 5 Planets in the Sky This Sunday

Since Monday we have been obsessing over comet Neowise that is visible in the northwest sky and will be visible for another week, but for this weekend we have something more special for you. This Sunday your stargazing time will be extra special as you’ll be able to spot 5 planets and a crescent moon in the sky. The best thing about this is that you will not need a telescope to help you spot the 5 planets.

Nasa revealed that Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn as well as the moon, will be close enough to be spotted with the naked eye on Sunday. There’s a little catch though according to Astronomer Dr Jeffrey Hunt “You’ll be able to spot the five planets plus the moon about 45 minutes before sunrise if you have a clear view of the horizon.” That means either you’ll have to wake up pretty early or sleep way too late. No matter which option you chose, missing this amazing happening is not a choice.

The Griffith Observatory said “Four of the five planets will appear like extremely bright stars. Venus will be visible low in the east-northeast, Mars in the south-southeast, and Jupiter and Saturn in the west-southwest.” Mercury is the closest to the sun, and will be the toughest to spot. A regular pair of binoculars might help get a better view, but it will be visible vaguely with the naked eye to the right of the moon, in the east-northeast.

If you are eager to have a look at this rare phenomenon with five planets, keep your Google Sky or Star Walk ready. The phenomenon will be visible in both the northern and southern hemispheres and if you miss out, don’t worry all five planets will be in the sky for a few days. The only thing is Sunday is the only day that the crescent moon accompanies them, so maybe push yourself and set that alarm.

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