8 Cool Fashion Hacks that You Can Try to Revamp Your Clothes

Spending a fortune to renew our wardrobe every season is something we wish we could do guilt-free, isn’t it? However, as the practicality hits hard, we know that throwing away money on clothes to look like Kardashians isn’t something we can afford to do.  However, this doesn’t mean that we have to stop ourselves from being all glammed up! Here are 8 fantastic clothing hacks that you can try to make your clothes seem straight out of a designer’s boutique. Take a look!

1. Make A Sassy Skirt Set

Fashion Hacks

Skirt sets look chic. You can make one with an oversized t-shirt or an old dress that you have worn so many times, plus it’s super easy to make! All you have to do is mark the size of your skirt and cut along to divide the cloth into two different garments. Add a buckle to the skirt for fitting around the waist and a zip to the crop top. Voila! Your new skirt set is ready!

2. Recycle Your Jeans Into Shorts

Fashion Hacks

If you’ve been planning to throw away your old jeans, we bet you won’t do that after reading this girl hack. If your denims have been worn out from down below, cut them to make shorts. Use tweezers to pull out the threads along the cutting to make them look rugged. If you can’t do that, cut out the pocket of your denim and add it to the top right of your plain white t-shirt, it’s going to look sassy!

3. Turn Your Clothes Into A Footwear

Fashion Hacks

Got a funky t-shirt or denim with a hole? Trace and cut them into casual slippers. With just some industrial glue, paste the cutting to the size of your slippers and within no time you will have your unique pair of footwear. You can add bows, ruffles, and tassels for added quirk. Do think of a cheeky answer when your friends ask where you got them from!

4. Swank Up Your Old Tank Top

Fashion Hacks

Take your tank top and cut out thin vertical strips from the lower end to your upper waist. Make sure that the strips are of an equal length and thickness. Once done, pull each one of them to smoothen out. That’s your uber-cool crop top. To add more drama, make small knots with the adjacent strip. You can try more designs to make it look fun!

5. Restyle Your Sleeves

Fashion Hacks

If you don’t like your ordinary full or quarter-sleeves t-shirt, here’s an awesome fashion hack to make them look hot! Start by making horizontal cuts at the distance of 2-3 inches from the shoulder joint to the arm. What you will get are the thick strips. Take each strip and fold from the center to make a bow-like design. Secure the center with a ribbon or a clasp button. Yay! Your new top is all set to make other girls jealous!

6. Turn Your Long Skirt Into An Off-Shoulder Dress

Fashion Hacks

This is literally the easiest of the lot. No cutting, sticking, stitching, or even folding! Take your mid-length skirt and instead of wearing it on your waist, wear it right below your shoulders. You will get an A-line off-shoulder dress. For a better fitting, tie a belt around your waist. Amp up your look by adding a shrug or summer coat.

7. Style Your Clothes With Mix & Match

Fashion Hacks

If you have a set, you can create 4 different look with one pair. Try to mix and match your top with contrast pants, jeans or shorts and your skirt with contrast shirt, t-shirt or tank top to create a cute look. This way not only can you recycle your clothes but also create every day look with no need for extra matching accessories.

8. Invest In Accessories

This one is more of a tip than a fashion hack. But, accessories can really turn your look glam without any designer wear. Yes, we definitely mean belts and danglers but more than that we mean laces, fancy buttons, tassels, charms, embroidered patches, and funky beads. These come really cheap and can instantly add glitz to any piece of cloth.

These were some of the trendiest clothing hacks every girl should know. Do you have a hack of your own? Let us know in the comment section below! Share it with your friends next time when they say ‘Mere paas kuch nahi hai pehen ne ke liye’.

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