After Effects of Lockdown

  1. Divorce Lawyers will be waiting like:


2. Salons Business will be a boom because –


3. Covid9 tests will be replaced by relationship counseling.


4. Liquor will be served as an antidote to prevent Divorce.


5. “Kaam Waali” returns will be like –

6. Everyone will be ready to live those experiences again-



7. Hike in Sex Rate – Needy kids will be like –



8. Some people after the lockdown

” Yaar mere office ke timings kya the”


9. Gym and Liquor Owners



10. A lot of Men Heart will be broken after seeing their women, increase in Break Up Rate.



11. Throwing a house party will be like –



12. Strip Club after lockdown

” Did I ate too much?”



13. Youth will be partying like –





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