Do these Daily Products have Animal Yields too?

Do these Daily Products have Animal Yields too

Are you also an animal lover who thought that by choosing to become vegan or vegetarian, you’ve done your part in saving the fauna of the world? If yes, then think again. Animal products are spread way beyond places where our imagination can take us. Be it beauty products, edibles, cleaning products, or even fireworks! Today let’s talk about 6 daily use products you had no idea were made out of animal yields!

1. Plastic Bags

Do these Daily Products have Animal Yields too

Now we’ve all heard about a billion reasons why plastics bags are bad for the environment. But here’s something that you didn’t know. Animal fat is used to make plastic bags slippery and reduce the friction in the material. Plastic manufacturers often add animal fat to improve the quality and characteristics of their products. Also, some companies such as Tyson Foods are moving along in the direction of utilizing keratin from bird feathers to produce plastics and adhesives.

Paper got you Covered:

Do these Daily Products have Animal Yields too

You can do your part in saving the animals by switching to a safer option such as paper bags or cloth bags.

2. Shampoo and Conditioner  

Do these Daily Products have Animal Yields too

We are all aware about the animal-based chemicals used in beauty care. According to PETA, the vitamin or “healthy chemicals” list that you see at the back of your shampoo bottle could actually be sourced from a plant or an animal. To avoid such coincidences, go for brands which manufacture vegan shampoos and conditioners.

Kitchen Beauty Kit:

Do these Daily Products have Animal Yields too

Yes, you read that right. Your kitchen is the treasure house of beauty ingredients.

  • The solution to all your hair problems is your neighborhood friendly ‘Multani Mitti’. This secret ingredient is used by women all over India. Just take 3 tbsps of this ingredient and mix it some rosewater and lemon juice.
  • Rice water has been used by women in China, Japan, and Southeast Asia for centuries to keep their hair shiny and beautiful. Rice contains about 80% starch, vitamins such as vitamin E and vitamin B and antioxidants. Just thoroughly wash some uncooked rice and soak it in water for 30-40 min.

3. Toothpaste

Do these Daily Products have Animal Yields too

You might’ve noticed a common ingredient named ‘Glycerin’ at the back of your toothpaste tubes. Glycerin is an ingredient which can be sourced from animals as well as plants. So to avoid this animal-based ingredient go for 100% vegan toothpaste brands such as Colgate.

Fix it the Twig Way:

Do these Daily Products have Animal Yields too

Neem twigs have been used for centuries in villages for healthier and stronger teeth and gums. Its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties are probably the reason why even doctors today can vouch for its effectiveness.

4. Chewing Gum

Do these Daily Products have Animal Yields too

Many of you must’ve heard about a popular ingredient named ‘lanolin’ obtained from sheep. This ingredient is not only used in beauty products but even your chewing gum is check full-o-grease. So before we move any further, you might wanna spit that gum you’ve been chewing. Lanolin is basically sheep’s sweat that is mainly used to provide its fur a natural waxy covering. Just imagine having animal sweat in something that we’ve all grown up eating. Simply gross.

Gum No More:

Do these Daily Products have Animal Yields too

If you’re craving a good bubble blowing session, then you might want to consider these alternatives for minty fresh breath:-

  • Liquorice
  • Parsley
  • Organic mints
  • Water
  • Ginger
  • Fennel seeds

5. Sugar

Do these Daily Products have Animal Yields too

One fact sugar manufacturers hide from you is that to refine sugar, they use putrified ash from animal bones as a filter. Shocking right? But there are some healthy and pretty sweet options available in the market too. Let’s find out which ones!

Who doesn’t Love Syrup?

Do these Daily Products have Animal Yields too

Let’s be honest. Vegans do not have a lot of options when it comes to sweetening their favourite foods and beverages but there are some alternatives which are not only healthy but as yummy as the sugar we love!

  • Maple syrup
  • Dates syrup
  • Coconut sugar
  • Brown rice syrup

6. Fabric Softener

Do these Daily Products have Animal Yields too

Hmm, Funny you ask how beef could possibly be related your detergent? Detergents and fabric softeners coat your dirty laundry with a film and make it soft and fresh. But what you don’t know is that these detergents often contain ‘tallow’ is made out of animal fat from sheep, cattle, and pigs. This coating continues to build up over time and that’s what makes your fabric soft. So every time you hug your sweater close to your chest, you’re actually grabbing onto some animal love handles! Yuck.

Vinegar for the Win:

Do these Daily Products have Animal Yields too

Thank god there exists a home-made solution to all our fabric problems. You too can whip up your own fabric softener by using vineyard’s natural antimicrobial property and here’s the recipe for it!

  • Pour some vinegar in a spray bottle.
  • Add 10-15 drops of essential oil for every cup of vinegar you use.
  • Spray this concoction lightly onto your clothes before putting them in the dryer.

From an animal’s fat to feathers, skin to sweat, manufacturers have used it all in their products. For those of us who are conscious about the slaughtering of animals and want to make a contribution towards stopping this practice, switching to better and safer products is essential. And hey, the alternatives to these animal-based products are even cheaper!

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