Safety Measures for Outdoor Activities during Covid-19

Safety Measures for Outdoor Activities during Covid-19

The pandemic has taken a toll on many people in terms of health. Now with the re-opening of gyms, people are divided with their opinions about heading back to the gymnasiums. Most people have still decided to wait for some more time before hitting the gym. Outdoor activities such as visiting the park for a walk, yoga or other exercises is a safe option as per many fitness enthusiasts.

Given below are 4 basic precautionary considerations pertaining outdoor activities. The list has been compiled considering the government guidelines as well as safety against Covid-19:

1. Inspect the Area in Advance to Plan Safety

Safety Measures for Outdoor Activities during Covid-19

It is important for you to be pre-prepared about the condition of the park you are planning to visit regularly. A clear understanding of how many people are visiting the area, are these people practicing social distancing, are they allowing anybody to come in or is there an infrared thermometer check in-place before entry etc. You will also have to prepare in advance to check if you have all the gear that you need like the mask, the shield, gloves, and sanitizer.

2. Only Visit Parks Near your Home

Safety Measures for Outdoor Activities during Covid-19

For people who prefer to go to parks that are near their home, the safety level is standard. But for people who would like to travel a certain distance to a park of their choice, the safety level is low. The farther you travel the more will you be contributing to the outbreak of Covid-19. Travelling to a park at a distance will make you come in contact with people that you may have avoided otherwise. What’s more alarming is that you will have a greater risk to be exposed to surfaces contaminated with Covid-19.

3. Stay at Home if You Feel Sick

Safety Measures for Outdoor Activities during Covid-19

There used to be days earlier when you felt sick but still decided to go to work or to meet a bunch of friends. Unfortunately, times have changed and even a slight fever can put you in a dangerous situation. Even if you’re under the weather and the symptoms are not Covid-19 related, it is advised that you choose to skip your park visit. Your immunity during the days you feel sick may not be able to protect you against any virus on such days.

4. Carry Everything You Need

Safety Measures for Outdoor Activities during Covid-19

As mentioned in point 1, you should be prepared in advance to carry the basic Covid-19 gear as sharing can no more be considered as caring. In addition, if you want carry sports or exercise equipment you should be aware of which of these things will come in least contact with other surfaces. Example – If you want to carry a Yoga mat, you might also want to carry a bunch of newspapers to place it over that can be disposed after you’re done.

Outdoor activities are a necessity, especially in times where we spend most of the times on the couch. Health is Wealth and we must adhere to all safety guidelines so as to not expose ourselves to any risk.

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