Is Your Emotional Intelligence Quotient High as You Think?

Is Your Emotional Intelligence Quotient High as You Think?

Emotional intelligence can be defined as ‘the ability to understand and manage your own emotions, and those of the people around you’. It is essential in this uncertain world. Though Emotional Intelligence’s importance is understood by many, there are only some who display features signalling high Emotional intelligence. Having emotional intelligence is considered essential for success now. So, we understand your curiosity about knowing your Emotional intelligence. To help you out with the same, we have a list of six essential characteristics that indicate a high EQ.

1. Acknowledge Feelings Instead of Escaping Them

The most important characteristics of Emotional intelligence is awareness of self and others. Reflecting on your feelings is as essential as having feelings. Giving every type of feeling the same thought including the harsh ones is the first step to high Emotional intelligence.

2. Pause Before Speaking

Taking a moment to think before speaking is rare and a perfect indicator of high Emotional intelligence. Practicing this signifies that your permanent decisions are not based on temporary emotion, indicating a high level of Emotional intelligence.

3. Make the Best of Criticism

Most people don’t like being criticised and will turn a blind eye to negative comments. People with high Emotional intelligence do the exact opposite and analyse criticism to make positive changes.

4. Praise Others

Finding faults is easy while criticizing is effortless, praising isn’t. People who can find good in the deeds of others show higher Emotional intelligence than the ones who don’t.

5. Apologize to Save Relationships

Apologising takes a lot of emotional strength. People who realize that apologizing doesn’t make them wrong display Emotional intelligence. This is because it signals to put relationships above ego.

6. Keep your Commitments

Being there for someone is not the same as telling someone that you’ll be there for them. While most people display concern through their words, they fail to do so by their actions displaying reliability and trustworthiness indicates high EQ.

7. Forgive as Well Forget

While holding grudges is a piece of cake, doing the opposite is only something a high EQ can do. People who value their mental well-being more than revenge are the real winners.

So, do you think your Emotional Quotient is as high as your Intelligence Quotient? Let us know in the comments!

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