Will Artificial Intelligence really take over the World?

One of the most googled questions of all time and finally, you get the answer. Artificial intelligence is described as the next best thing in the history of humans. However, we fear this evolution of technology, or more accurately, we’re made to fear this leap. Artificial intelligence, for those of you who live under a rock, is a form of technology that gets to decide what needs to be done in an insistence and comes with human-like reasoning powers, however, it’s faster because it’s run by supercomputers.

Now, the thing about being a machine is, there are a set of laws and methods to whatever it’s doing. And since a machine is designed to fulfill a certain requirement, they especially excel in that aspect. Artificial intelligence is made to replicate humans, it might be better at it, and since it’s much smarter, it can easily overthrow us.

Will artificial intelligence really take over the world

No, this isn’t a science fiction movie, the basic idea of AI being smarter than humans doesn’t even exist right now, and will not for a very long time. But then, is this fear of AI coming from jealousy or envy, or the obvious inferiority complex that exists in human beings? Well, we don’t have an answer to that, but what we can answer is the question that started this discussion. So, even if a machine thinks, does, or performs a task better than us humans, it would only do so if we ask for it. The basic principle of a machine is that it runs on commands, and commands will always be given by humans. So, it might be safe to say that no, AI will not be the reason for human extinction.

However, a lot of conspiracy theorists do believe that it is possible and is a certain event in the fate of mankind. The existence of both these extremities is a hint, that something like Robo supremacy may be a concept, but in the world run by today’s logic and science, there isn’t simply a way for that to happen.

Will artificial intelligence really take over the world

However, this should not limit your thoughts, this question attracts a lot of controversies and deliberations and you should always hear all the opinions. But to conclude, the fate of humanity is not in the hands of any other species, but humanity itself, so working on problems that exist today, which blur the idea of a “tomorrow” is way more important than a discussion-based out of science fiction.

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